Bringing back my nagging blog

For the last three years I’ve had a blog. Now you probably didn’t know that because I posted on it about 40 times in those three years. I’ll help you with the math and tell you that’s about once a month. Now my problem wasn’t that I had nothing to write about but the exact opposite: I had a whole bunch to say. But because I couldn’t say everything, I chose to say nothing. And because of the fact that as one of my college friends says, “Jane, you have the attention span of a gnat”, I had all sorts of projects in mind.

So about six months ago, I captured all of those nagging ideas in a couple of notebooks titled Questions and Next Steps. Then like the recovering procrastinator I am,  I began thinking about, researching on, and ignoring what was laid out in those notebooks. I told myself I was busy writing my first historical fiction novel but that became a convenient excuse.

Then about a month ago I sent my historical fiction novel to the editors and decided to take a six-week hiatus from doing anything related to the book. I had hit the point of diminishing return with it and needed to focus on something else. The notebooks came flying to the top of my to-do list and making a decision about the blog was a priority so I did. Drum roll please…

Every day, I will write and share some kind of a post with you. They will most likely be in the categories of author, communication, self-care, learning, or community. Now those may sound serious but you can count on the fact that my humor will be integrated in as well. Sometimes, my posts will be a series based on a topic such as forgiveness or self-sabotage. I’ve written books on both those and certainly have things to say in blog posts. Other times, I will share thoughts, insights, and stories from other major interests I have.

However what I share is not simply going to be musings as I would like you to have a takeaway or two from each post. A college professor of mine said that “the most useless knowledge is that which stays in the classroom.” I don’t want the information to be useless but rather something that can be practically applied to life. Along those lines, your comments and other feedback are most welcome.

Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! So stay tuned as tomorrow you’ll get to read my first new post from my rejuvenated blog. And the topic will be… Oh you’re just going to have to come back tomorrow. 😃

Jane Freund is an author, encourager, speaker, book coach, and pun lover. She has written or co-written 19 books and CROPPED - Jane's watercolor picturehelped over 140 people achieve their publishing dreams. Jane’s latest book, her first historical fiction novel, will be out in the fall of 2018. In addition, Jane taught Communication for ten years at Boise State University.

Jane can be found on Facebook, Goodreads, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and smoke signals. OK, she is kidding about the smoke signals!


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