Callie and my new perspective

When I got up this morning, I had already decided what my blog post was going to be about. Well, that’s what I get for doing my own thinking because my cat, Callie, had a totally different topic in mind!

Let me give you a little background about Callie. For many years, I had been owned by several cats. You see, dogs have owners and cats have staff. But over the years my elderly cats have passed away leaving Callie as my only cat since just about a year or so ago.

Now Callie has made it perfectly clear that she waited her turn to have my attention and she has no interest in sharing it with any other animal or human. I shudder to think what she might do if I brought a boyfriend into our world. Anyway Callie had been abandoned twice so when I left my old neighborhood, I took her with me.

Now with that background laid, let me tell you about this morning. It was like any other morning in that if I didn’t get up fast enough, Callie would stand at the end of the bed and meow. When I did get up, she would almost always walk slowly in my path. I would grumble about her being under foot as I didn’t want to trip over her.

But this morning, I thought about a new approach: What if I picked her up? Now mind you when Callie does not want to be picked up she has a low rumbling growl that tells me to put her down as quickly as possible. It’s usually happens when I need to get her inside the house and she doesn’t want to go there.

So I decided to risk it and pick her up. I braced myself for the growl and instead received a purr. She continued to purr as I fixed her breakfast which then I set down along with her so she could eat.

I realized that Callie being under my feet was not about me. I thought she was trying to trip me up when in fact she just wanted to be I held and petted for a minute. She got breakfast and I got a new perspective. What a deal!

Think about a situation you’re involved in and ask yourself what another perspective could be. Doing so could really solve a problem that may have seemed to lack a solution.

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Have a marvelous Monday ☺

CROPPED - Jane's watercolor picture

Jane Freund is an author, encourager, speaker, book coach, and pun lover. She has written or co-written 19 books and helped over 140 people achieve their publishing dreams. Jane’s latest book, her first historical fiction novel, will be out in the fall of 2018. In addition, Jane taught Communication for ten years at Boise State University.

Jane can be found on Facebook, Goodreads, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and smoke signals. OK, she is kidding about the smoke signals!


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