Do You or Someone You Know DISLIKE Math? I Can Help With That!

Yes, the reality is that a lot of people dislike and even hate math! The good news is that things can be done to help change attitudes about this necessary topic.

Before I delve into that subject, let me introduce myself: My name is Jane Freund and I am a lifelong lover of math (my first toy was an abacus). As a tutor, not only do I teach the subject but also some important points about math in general:

1) Math is everywhere and you use it more than you might think. Furthermore, you’re constantly solving for some unknown just like in an equation.

2) Your brain is constantly subconsciously doing math. For example, when you walk into a room, your brain has calculated the distance you can go before you run into a wall.

3) You’re the one who trains your brain to do the math whether you like it or not.

I strive to make math fun with techniques such as worksheets customized to individual students. I teach students of all ages that they use math and understand more math than they think they do. Also, I show them how they use math in their favorite activities.

For example, I’ve worked with a student who loves baseball. I showed him how to calculate batting averages and other baseball statistics. As part of that, he learned basic concepts such as solving for an unknown.

Another student wants to open a restaurant someday. We’ve used food ideas, seating and prices as ways to solve word or story problems. Those efforts produced the following response from her parents:

“Before we started working with Jane, our daughter declared that she hated math. Now, as our daughter’s skills and reasoning have improved, she looks forward to her meetings with Jane, and says that she really likes math.”

*Taught Communication for 10 years at Boise State
*Published author/co-author of several children’s, nonfiction and fiction books
*Book and Communication Coach, tutor and entrepreneur
*Lifelong learner
*Math geek and State Champion Mathlete (I’m an athlete and a mathlete!)
*Went from college flunkout to college faculty member so I know firsthand how to improve academic performance
*Lover of puns because creative humor get you thinking!

VIRTUAL/IN-PERSON: I tutor virtually and some in person (depending upon location and status of the pandemic).

PRICES: I charge $35 per hour, $150 for a 5-hour package or $300 for a 10 hour package. You can pay by check, money order, cash, PayPal or Venmo.

FREE GIFT FOR CLIENTS AND REFERRALS: Whether you buy a single hour, multiple hours or a 10-hour package or refer someone who does, you will get a FREE GIFT!! You have a choice of a gift card or one of my published books that I have written or co-written!!

QUESTIONS: Let me know if you need more information and/or are ready to get started with tutoring.

Thanks very much!

PS – CLICK HERE for more details on other tutoring services I provide.

Jane Freund ( is an author, book coachcommunication coach and tutor. Her books can be found at JaneFreundBooks (15-25% OFF retail price), Amazon (print and e-book), Smashwords and Audible (with other sources to come).

Also, Jane LOVES puns!! Connect with her at to see her daily puns and other posts!

Previously, Jane taught Communication for 10 years at Boise State University. You can follow Jane’s blog at

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